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August 15, 2008



And this is what you find important to discuss as Russian military incursions continue and apparently progress deeper into Georgia today? I'm not quibbling with your analysis re Bolton. I am, however, in the role of the waiter standing by with the plate of crow and asking: "why should this not be set down on your table, sir?"

James Poulos

Because the comments coming from the anti-Russian corner are of the sort which, if believed and acted upon, would magnify Russia's mistakes and errors tenfold.


That makes sense. I remain interested, though, in your thoughts on what's likely to happen next in Georgia -- i.e., whether/when the Russian forces will leave Georgia proper.

James Poulos

Ugh -- me too. I imagine the Russians are getting while the getting is good. They are tricky bastards with a broken moral compass, but they know a closing window when they see one and if they really wanted to make a mess of things they could have done so last weekend and left us all moping and stupid by Wednesday. But I can't rule out that Russia won't drag this out in as nasty and embarrassing a way as possible, especially in light of this Poland deal. And that's the risk, but also the reason, in going on as forcefully as I have during this crisis. If Russia does the wrong thing and fails to abide by the ceasefire, the anti-Russia crowd will bust an aorta or two crowing over how right and prescient they were...when in reality they were simply crude jingoists getting high on their own supply. In a world in which the Russians are deemed permanent monsters who live for perfidy and destruction, even a stopped clock is right twice an era. We have got to do everything we can now to remind ourselves that the ego value of being right as a result of a finely cultivated habit of thinking wrongly is fatally diminished by the doom we beckon in that way.


My hope is that what the Russians are doing right now -- charging around Georgia for a few extra days, with neither side firing any shots -- is just grandstanding, to be followed by a pull-back. If so, it's annoying to watch, but inconsequential. Your point that, if they wanted to really make a mess of things, they could have done so already is a very good one. For that reason, I am cautiously optimistic.

What still makes me a bit nervous is that things can go wrong unintentionally and get out of hand, with terrible and unnecessary consequences. I'd prefer to see the Russians minimize that risk by getting back to South Ossetia pronto.

Alexander Sedov

I have found this video on Russian video resourse:

FOX News:
South Ossetian refugees about Georgian bombing


Hmm… Interesting, how seriously do American people are knowledgeable about the facts of this war?

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