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August 15, 2008


William Burns

Let's see, Conservatives in power have supported NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, major dilutions of national sovereignty, American liberals spend as much time yakking about the Bible as conservatives, and the party of natural rights gave us Guantanamo Bay, the war on drugs and FISA (admittedly, with some help from liberals). Demophilus, you're too easily impressed.

dunk shoes

Very pleased to see a blog post, including the thoughtful and perceptive comments on set. To keep the great work!
Not everyone can provide the appropriate flow of information, thanks.

air yeezy

These shoes look really good. Like this style shoe. They remind me of the way I used to draw shoes on women when I was little. Nevertheless, I'd just say they're ok, but only for the show.

arizona auction

Part of the strategy is setting a budget based on the true value of the item that's being sold at auction.

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