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August 13, 2008



After 9/11, as I recall, a French newspaper said "we are all Americans now." It's just a poetic statement of moral support. I think you're taking it too literally.


When did the French stop being Americans? Are they still Americans? Doesn't that mean by the transitive property that the French are also the Georgians? Or are you only another country's people when they're suffering immediate harm?

Shane MacGowan's Teeth

“Oran! Oran!” In vain the call rang over the oceans, in vain Rieux listened hopefully; always the tide of eloquence began to flow, bringing home still more the unbridgeable gulf… “Oran, we’re with you!” they called emotionally. But not, the doctor told himself, to love or to die together – “and that’s the only way. They’re too remote.”


never thought about Georgians.....

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