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August 08, 2008


David Broockman

You don't mention that while it's technically true that Obama voted for a budget resolution that set this as a target, his campaign tax plan is much, much easier on the middle class. Not to mention the contrast between a legacy at the Naval Academy and someone who worked their way up from a one-parent home....

James Poulos

You are correct, sir. I read about this just before walking out the door and it didn't get posted. Fortunately I don't have to post a retraction, too: the McCain ad is strong, as I said, because of the perception it creates. And as I said, if Obama can make plain that the ad is wrong, McCain is toothless again. Some might argue that Obama should not have to spend all his time and energy beating down scurrilous, false McCain ads. I am one such person. (The relevant post is at Doublethink, from a few days ago.) On the other hand, look at how successful he was at beating down the lame and phony attacks that characterized every minute of the Hillary Clinon campaign.

But you are right, and I join you in criticism of the effective but largely rancid media strategy being spearheaded by the Bushmen. If this is the only way McCain can win, conservatives will eat their hats and gnash their teeth when victory spells Vice President Joe Lieberman, a cold war with China, and a hot war with Russia.

Josh SN

Also, when he graduated Harvard Law School, Magna Cum Laude, and after having been editor of the Harvard Law Review, one can easily imagine that he could have written his own ticket. He could have worked almost anywhere in the country, and gotten, one might expect, about the top possible salary for a lawyer graduating that year.

Instead he went to work in the South Side of Chicago.

McCain has eight houses.

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