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August 12, 2008



What about a chastened Georgia outside NATO? Since, umm, we're all secretly glad they weren't in the organization now...


Georgia is the most heavily armed country in the Caucus or Stans. The US paid them billions for their weapons. The President slaughtered ten villages in an hour. Obama wants to give him aid money now. The money will go to the Georgian military and none to the living Ossetian Georgians or dead Ossetian Russians.


In re: "a chastened, neutralized Georgia in NATO is more appealing to Russia than a reckless and irresponsible Georgia outside it . . ." - agreed. But a Putin who is now more formally exposed as the de facto leader of Russia and who is also edified with the knowledge of his newly expanded boundaries (figuratively, if not literally) and who has demonstrated the potential fate of other "maverick" former Soviet states - now that's bad for everyone but him.

Alexander Sedov

Hello from Russia!

I have written the text about the war in South Ossetia. Maybe, you will interested it, welcome:


Robert C. Cheeks

Did everyone learn from this where the bear shites in the woods?


Based on the latest in Gori, that plate of crow might be headed back toward your table.

I sure hope the Russians pull back pronto.

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