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August 08, 2008


William Burns

Where have you been? Sullivan has been gushing over Obama for months now. As the slayer of the evil Hillary, Obama's earned Sullivan's undying adoration.

I'm not sure that the fact that callers-in to Limbaugh and Hannity follow the Republican line on Obama really means very much. What evidence do you have that these people are "working class"? There are a lot of middle class Limbaugh-Hannity fans. Regardless, these were never gettable votes for Obama.


Let's add his voice to the list of vacuous criticisms. My mom says she can't stand to listen to his ultra confident tone of voice for four years.

Josh SN

Limbaugh's callers, at least, are heavily screened.

One might argue that it is because of people like Rush that Americans are so out of touch.

Don't read Sullivan, so no comment there.

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