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August 25, 2008


Winston Smith

So, is this a parody of PoMo nonsense, or genuine, straight-up PoMo nonsense? My guess is: the former...though I have little confidence in that guess. If so: well done! If not: my condolences.

Good point about the bind the GOP is in re: Lieberman...though (and, since I'm guessing parody, you probably don't really need me to explain this) the bind in question is not actually an ontological bind. 'Ontological' is, of course, one of those words that PoMos like to throw around promiscuously, though--so, again: if parody, then congrats.

(Unless, of course, you were to construe ontology so broadly that an ontological "crisis" arises every time someone says that some x is F when it isn't.

But that kind of silliness is, no doubt, why you've taken to parodying the PoMos...so, again: nice work.)

Robert C. Cheeks

Ouch! I have a headache.
Does this equate to Voegelin's comments, "The activist dreamers claim truth for imaginative constructs of reality which, by the criteria of experience and reason, are nontrue; and the most perspicacious of the sorcerers even discerns in the nontruth of the extreme the cause of the public success the constructs have." The so called second realities...I'm votin' for Barr, reality demands it@

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I don't know much about tests to measure your level of development; what I know is from a conference call in 2007 with David Zeitler of Integral Institute. My impression is that the available tests are big, complex, and expensive. So this post is a case of fools rushing in where the really smart guys advise caution.

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Smith ALan

postmodern mathematics

> our bad modernist ability to make things seem, or even be, real and unreal at the same time

I don't understand exactly what you mean. I'm just starting on my PoMo journey and I think a sticking point for me is that I believe there *is sometimes* an objective reality, although people can perceive it differently.

What's an example of something that's *actually* real and unreal at the same time?

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