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August 23, 2008



Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!


I had been saying that Obama needed a Crazy Joe type for a while but I felt to the very end he would go with someone out of the Beltway, someone young and just as inexperienced as the Obamessiah himself. This is a good pick I agree but then I'm selfish and look forward to the entertainment about to come.

In other news, the PostModern Conservative made an appearance in my dream last night. We were at a big celebration dedicated to you and Tucker Carlson walked in just as I was walking outside to smoke a cigar. That's all I really remember.


God, a Biden-Romney debate would be the most entertaining thing I see all year. Please, choose Romney. Please, please, please.

William Burns

Mondale and Dukakis actually won the Democratic nomination for president--how does that make them losers (or "Losers") compared to Biden?


Thanks for this post. Biden is obviously a very smart choice. His rhetorical style and manner eschews cliches of Democrat politicians that someone like Evan Bayh would have blandly confirmed. All of the negative spins on this selection on I've read seem either short-sighted or disingenuous.


"David Brooks, Peter Lawler, and I are all right about Joe Biden, and if you disagree with any of us, you are not."

I get it, but at the same time I don't get it. Biden and Obama are polar opposites in my view - maybe this makes no difference in the Pres-VP relationship but I don't see how it couldn't. Biden doesn't seem like the type of person who will take the VP gig "lying down" so to speak. I can imagine him saying something that Obama will have to completely refute the next day.

My biggest question is: how does this make the left feel? Isn't this like a swift kick to the grundle for them?

David Kuo

fantastic, fantastic post


you are dead-on with your analysis that this is the best vice presidential pick ever. Ambinder said that it's an uncomfortable choice for Obama. I completely disagree: they'll be a fantastic team if Obama wins.

Obama has shown once again his excellent judgment.

ALl those other conservatives are saying what they want to convince themselves of, not what they secretly know.


Isn't this like a swift kick to the grundle for them?

Why? Properly applied, the vice president's duties amount to approximately jack and shit. This pick is about politics, not governance.

Pavel Drum

Obama has shown once again his excellent judgment.
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I think Obama is the best president ever! I really like his personality!

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Wow! The guy on the picture looks like Elvis. Nice hairdo.
As for Obama, I don't think that he's that bad. Let's not forget about the previous President.

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