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August 11, 2008



When will people hold Zionists accountable?

Let's see here ...

USA/Israel funds & supports Georgia, infiltrates their Govt. with Zionists, Georgia attacks first, and then the Western Media lies about it and calls Russia the instigator.

I'm so sick of the lies from the USA I can't take it anymore!

Read what the other side has to say before believing the lies of the Western Media:


The Reticulator

You do a disservice to the complexity of the situation by referring to an anti-Russia lobby. If you want people to better understand the nuances of the situation of Georgia (which seems to be a bit of backtracking on your part from the days when you talked about bright lines of sovereignty) then you should do a better job of nuancing the people who are concerned about Russia's actions, too.

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the main thing that no one has moved from words to action!

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