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July 22, 2008



Isn't this a pretty modern of you? An ancient Athenian or Roman wouldn't have thought getting around with a bunch of other naked people at the bath or gymnasium (the naked place) was self-parody. A large part of why the West was originally better than the East, in some people's minds, was the former's comfort with what you call "animal nakedness."

J.P. Freire

"if I were a nudie I'd be totally cool with that on my own end."

Heh. Which end?


Yeah, well, sideburns are the new canasta.

DFH no.6

So this, umm... "self-parody watch" of which you speak. You mean your own bad self, of course, don't you?

Cuz that would be really pomo and everything (like the sideburns, I suppose -- I wonder if The Editors know about you?).

Also, you don't possess any "right to pass laws accordingly", as you put it, so therefore can't surrender it (nor can you surrender the actual right in this regard which is owned collectively by the body politic).

In addition, you already have the "right to keep and freely declare that judgment" (it's in the Constitution, son) so no need to try exchanging something you don't have for something you already do.

You probably meant that figuratively, I guess, though with conservatives (happy little doctrinaire literalists that they tend to be) one can never be too sure.

Perhaps you meant it as "snark". You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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