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July 29, 2008


Robert C. Cheeks

It' to early to call; I learned my lesson with Mrs. Bill Clinton. However, the neocons, e.g. the GOP, stand squarely behind the principles of globalized capitalism,foreign interventionism, and record setting budget deficets. That alone should push conservatives into Barr's camp resulting in a win for Sen. Obama. But, I work with alot of labor Dems who aren't voting for him; yes, I know, its antedotal, so where do they go? No more punditing for me!


Good breakdown of the problems confronting McCain. That Obama is not thrashing him in the polls right now amazes me (even with the pretentious grandiosity of his trip to Berlin), but then again (as you note) there's McCain's "own personal style and history and the persistent reticence of Average Americans to flock toward Obama."

And Robert, I agree with you that a vote for Barr is the best protest vote available for conservatives. The conservative lack of enthusiasm for McCain will come back to bite him, barring [no pun intended] a massive wedge-issue campaign against Obama, a campaign McCain would be uncomfortable with. But I wonder how much of conservatives' apathy/mutiny would be offset in the end by labor/working class whites/Casey Democrats not going for Obama?

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