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July 09, 2008



I think some of these tax hikes strike me as somewhat excessive (and I tend to be on the "liberal redistributionist" side more often than not), mostly because the budget situation in California is dire, and I don't think it's going to improve if they tax the people who they need to financially contribute out of the state.

However, it's worth noting this is not a simple case of crazy liberals getting in power and wanting to raise taxes. The financial situation in CA has been heading downhill since the 80s (Pete Wilson + Prop 13). While social spending has increased somewhat (and it has been a battle to increase even the amount it has, because politicians have been aware of the fiscal situation), the biggest problem is that taxes were never really increased to correct for the shortfall due to prop 13.

Add a celebrity republican governor who promised to balance the budget without raising taxes, failed, and actually made the budget situation worse--and you reach the desperate situation today where there are really no good solutions--even deep cuts in education and transportation can't make up the shortfall.

Shane MacGowan's Teeth

If you think $200,000 pre-tax income isn't rich, you're not a conservative and you need to get out of the Beltway.


Oh, and if Megan's an economist, I'm a nobel laureate.

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But it's arguable that the wealthy are often so plugged into the social and economic networks of their jobs and peer groups that moving away is simply not possible

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