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June 04, 2008


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Well, it's your thought experiment. I describe it, you decide.


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hello friend this post is very interesting and I would like to have any update about We're not so different, you and I ...

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Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Red velvet is my husband's favorite, so he LOVED the heart surprise in the middle when he cut into his birthday cake last week :)

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Yeah Really "We Are Not So Different" I'm agree with you. I just want to say you thanks very much for sharing this article. I feel very happy to be reading you blog, It's great work done by you. Thanks very much and keep posting.

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True, none of us are really so different. As long as we view evil as bad and good acts as good we are not different, we become different only when we try to become inhuman with our selfish motives.

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If i were going to put my feet on their shoes, i will surely be terrified too.


I really like your blog and i respect your job. I'll be a frequent visitor.

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