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June 17, 2008


Kevin J Jones

These sorts of arguments always seem abstracted from the average citizen and over-sensitive towards academic, legal, and media opinionmakers.

It's a counsel of surrender before the first battle is even finished. Why must people pretend there is an obligation to recognize the "civic legitimacy" of same-sex marriage when in fact it has only been approved in two states, and imposed both times by the courts over popular resistance?

Even the arguments about respecting cultural change don't bother to prove whether the novel support for same-sex marriage is particularly deep. The gallup poll you cite still shows 41% support (37% in another part of the page) for *anti-sodomy laws*. I doubt those expressing pro-gay attitudes are united in similar strength.

Finally, these warnings about overreach are hardly ever delivered to the left. I have seen few liberals publicly lament that the California Supreme Court brought this issue to the fore in an election year. Gay rights activists didn't worry whether driving Catholics out of the adoption business in Massachusetts would provoke a backlash, and the activists' few conservative friends sure seemed pretty quiet about it.

If there is, say, a purge of justices of the peace and low-level judges for refusing to officiate at same-sex ceremonies, will your sentiments voiced here justify such a raw grab for power?

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