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May 05, 2008


The Reticulator

Who needs reductio ad absurdum when you have these guys?

But where is the pantheism part? I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's next, but I didn't see it in the article.


My suspicions were aroused by lines like these:

"He also sees the United Church, considered the most liberal of the mainline Protestant churches, as broad enough to encompass a wide range of theologies.

[...] She envisions a time when there is no religious divisions and everyone shares in their common values and their only differences are cultural. Still, she said there is no conflict with this and being in the church."

One other while I'm at it. Long have I stuck pantheism with the 'Eros lo volt!' banner. Here's about as fervent flag-waving in that regard as I've seen:

"We call it love, radically inclusive love. It is here, in the caring, challenging, prophetic role with which it is so familiar that the church can really shine."

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