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April 06, 2008



I don't spend time with your set, but simply observing the way you interact with one another when you disagree at The American Scene blog indicates that J.P. Freire is on the right track when he doubts that you'd pile it on.

Matt S.

There is a great deal that could be said of this topic. But my immediate point is that Freire, I think, has this all wrong. Hart is not upset because a talk radio host has been "helpful to the movement." Rather, he's upset because a talk radio host has BECOME the movement, in the sense that even magazines like NR do not much rise above him in terms of sophistication. Put differently, its not that some low brow voice has, at the margins, made conservatism more palatable to the NASCAR fans driving home from work, but that a kind of peculiar populism has infected the entire movement, to the point where NR's house intellectual publishes a book titled "The Party of Death" with Regnery (!) and its other young star puts a smiley face with a Hitler mustache on the cover of his new, absurd tome. And don't get me started on KLo.

The real divide isn't between wine track and beer track conservatives, which I could imagine getting along well enough (with some tension, of course), but rather between a movement almost completely Hannitized and those who have resisted that trend. I'm glad you linked to an article on CPAC. Three words: Case. In. Point.

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