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December 14, 2007



I think you misread Paglia slightly. Between the sentence about substituting Art and Nature for God and the sentences about education there is a paragraph break. I don't think these thoughts are connected. Ms Paglia is saying that she personally subscribes to a sort of pantheism, but she isn't suggesting that her views should be promoted as some sort of civil religion.

My guess is that, in Paglia's ideal world, religion would be taught in schools, but as literature rather than dogma. We would be presented with the great works of western art along with the religious views of the artists.


what is this wierd fear/obsession with bisexuality you have? Like its worse than being exclusively gay, because it represents some horrifyingly disorderly breakdown of sacred categories? I never knew being "gay" was so sacred to right-wingers like you.


People often say "you have a fear and obsession with..." to imply that the person to whom they are speaking is attracted to the activity they are criticizing. This gets in the way of good discussion, I think. For my two cents' worth, I think bisexuality suggests further confusion of mind/personality/sexuality than homosexuality.

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