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December 03, 2007



I bought two Philip Rieff books via your "phrontisaurus": The Gift of Grace [etc.] and The Triumph of the Therapeutic. GOG is sitting in my parents' living room, waiting for my father the minister to peruse it and TOT is on my bedside table. I had to put it aside because it's too thought-provoking during the Christmas season, when I must choose how much to breathe of what Robert Redford, in the preface to his Sundance Christmas gift catalog, dubs "the materialistic ether" that has taken over Christmas.

John Tabin

Obama is a liberal whose temperament appeals to conservatives Andrew Sullivan.


John Tabin

Dang, the strike tag is disabled? That completely ruins my joke. And it worked in preview mode!


You know, I stared at Tabin's first comment for a few moments trying to figure out what the hell he meant--going up and down to the quoted text, hoping to understand what he was trying to say.

I feel so stupid now...

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