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October 20, 2007


Robert C. Cheeks

Just one small critique. The phrase, "who set the terms for the good life...at the Godly life," asks the reader to set aside the realization that Abe rejected the basic Lockean tenants related to the establishment of the uniquely American idea of a federated republic, flawed as it may have been.
Abe rather brilliantly cloaked his rhetoric in Christian/biblical concepts while holding firmly to more secular beliefs, beliefs that reflect a misconstruction of the aforementioned principles for reasons upon which we won't speculate.
Lincoln, then, was engaged in the destruction of reality, typical of the ideological thinker, illustrated by his misuse of language that resulted in his failure to express the truth of existence. Lincoln existed in a self created "second reality" resulting in his inability to "apperceive"-to communicate with the divine ground-which had the unhappy effect of ideological aberrations and deformations.
Lincoln's failure was in his willful act of "apostrophe"-of turning away from the ground-an act of self, of self aggrandizement.

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