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October 31, 2007


Matt S.

The distinction you make between the libertarian tendency to move from political neutrality to moral neutrality, and the Catholic one to go from moral condemnation to political persecution, is quite right. I've long wondered if this is inevitable -- think of Tocqueville's line about the human mind not doing so well as holding to the moderate position between extremes.

For me, this means the genuine conservative will throw his weight to the side where it is most necessary. Given the absolutism of a not insignificant strain of Catholic thought (running, among other things, the President's Bioethics Council) I tack libertarian.

James G

good post
some of us libertarians aren't loopy. I've never gone from a political position of neutrality to a moral position of neutrality. They're separate questions. Just because you morally disapprove of something doesn't give you a right to ban it.
That no one seems to grasp this infuriates me. Want a better explanation of why this is so? read any Ayn Rand.


An ironist might note that the Catholics are too quick to render unto Ceasar, and the Libertarians unto G-d.

On a side note, one of my neighbors (in suburban Mass.) has a bumper sticker: "Be a local hero. Buy locally grown!" Recycling begins to seem Vergilian by comparison.

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