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July 03, 2007


Bruce Wilder

"From a Presidential standpoint he has done nothing wrong, stepped outside no bound, violated no applicable standard of justice."

Libby's felonious lies were to obstruct an investigation into a felony conspiracy, which involved Cheney and most probably Bush, himself. Bush has taken an official act in further obstruction of justice.

You can go on complaining about tone deafness and partisan tactics. I care about my country, its Constitution, the rule of law, and basic decency. You piss all over all of that. Why? Because you think this is a variation on a sporting contest, where you are a fan of the Elephants in a perennial contest with Donkeys. Moron.

John Tabin

So there was a conspiracy involving both the President and Vice President, to cover up a "crime" that didn't even happen unless you adopt a reading of the IIPA that has never been endorsed by any court? Loosen your tinfoil hat, Bruce.


I don't think you can call someone of James' intelligence a moron unless you are a person lacking in social skills. You can't disagree without insulting?

Mrs. Peperium

Tim Russert told bigger whoppers.


Madison thought that we didn't have to worry about the president pardoning his accomplices in crime because he could then be impeached; at least, he could be if a large fraction of the senate were not Republicans first and Americans second.
If Cheney knew that Ms. Plame was covert and told Libby to out her anyway - and this is the most probable interpretation of the known facts - then he did violate the IIPA, and Libby's obstruction of justice and perjury successfully protected him from justice. Libby's is a very serious crime, and should be treated as such.
Bruce may be rude, but he is exactly right.


OK, so I'm supposed to believe there wasn't a conspiracy. So why, exactly, did Libby lie? Who or what was he protecting, and why risk going to jail over it?

I've yet to hear any answer to this question that makes any sense at all, other than positing that there was something very serious and very wrong at the heart of the entire affair.

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