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June 15, 2007



Caption: "Why yes Nancy, now that you have made a visit, we promise; we won't be terrorists anymore; "terrorists honor."


Hello, Domino's? Yeah, I need an extra large hand-tossed pepperoni....

James G. Poulos

Reuters reported that one of the fighters picked up the phone and jokingly pretended to be speaking with the U.S. secretary of state saying: "Hello Condoleezza Rice. You have to deal with me now, there is no Abu Mazen anymore." Abu Mazen is another name for Abbas, also the Fatah leader. -- CNN


"Hello. State Department? What's that? My Z-visa's been approved? Dyn-o-mite!"

Mrs. Peperium

Ninja turtle orders pizza with extra slugs.

Sink the Bismarck

"Tell the department that I should be back at Yale for my office hours by the first of the week."

Sean Higgins

"Yes, I'd like purchase two tickets to the upcoming Chomsky lecture please ..."

James G. Poulos

UPDATE: Drudge posts own caption:

[Photo is not of editor Matt Drudge getting ready for '08]

Christopher Bitner Hayes

"Is this the Concierge desk? Great. Well, I was wondering if you could get me tickets for the Streisand show..."
"Look, when I call room service and ask for bottled water, I mean at least San Pelegrino. You just go ahead and send this Sam's Club stuff next time and see how it goes."
"Listen, it's past midnight, I've got a big day tomorrow, and the kids in the room next door are having a party or something..."
"I'm sorry, Ms. Coulter is all tied up and won't be able to come to the phone. May I please take a message?"


Childhood pranks:

"Do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can? Great, send his head over on a platter and I'll call Reuters."

Sean Higgins

"Seriously, tell me, does this cartridge belt make my ass look big?"

John Tabin

"Am I caller number 9?"

"Describe what you're wearing... Mmm, sounds hot. Now take off the panties, but leave the skirt on..."

"WHAZZZZUPPPP!" [Note: This caption takes place in 2000.]

"I'm telling you, I tried that, and the gun is still jammed! Do you have a supervisor I can talk to? Yeah, I'll hold... Man, you just can't get good customer service these days..."

Steve Cargillo

"If the rest of their country is as stupid as their f [radio edit] ing President, we should be able to overthrow the USA in a week or two. Three, tops."

[Always nice to have dudes posting from within the bowels of Yoyodyne Corp., Steve, but there are some cusses we can't abide, here anyway. J.G.P.]

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