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May 20, 2007


Robert C. Cheeks

It appears brother Fred has a Claremont perspective on the War of Southern Secession. Sounds very much like another neocon, and we don't need anymore neocons!


It appears you have a Ghandi perspective of Hitler's final solution. Therefore, we must sit on our cheeks lest they speak for us.

Jon Blake

War can only be prevented, never cured: The cure is victory, conquest followed by generations of losers' misery plus inevitable hubris on the winners' side.

Alas, "prevention" can never be known: Had Britain and France deployed to block Hitler's re-occupation of the Rhineland in 1936, the German General Staff would have tossed out their "Bohemian Corporal". We might have had Pearl Harbor, but not blitzkrieg in Europe from 1939.

Absent Hitler and his Second German War, peace would have seemed inevitable... no Manhattan Project, so when Stalin swooped 100 hundred divisions West (say, 1946), Communism's exterminating menace quite probably would have succeeded where Nazism failed (think Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss, Oppenheimer and the Rosenbergs).

We simply cannot know. Perhaps facing the Third Reich earlier than genocidal Sovietism
actually prevented struggles more devastating and protracted than anyone today
can contemplate. The study of history, most especially the history of war, crucially illuminates not merely circumstance but human nature. "Peace at any price" is not an option... and the price that cultures and societies inevitably pay is a demeaning collectivist Statism, brutal and deadly as any they once fought against. As a survival mechanism in times of trial, civil societies
cannot live either with militarization or without it.

This is the stuff of tragedy. By AD 2500 the United States of America --representative democracy within a federal republic-- will most likely have joined China's Sung and T'ang dynasties as glorious in retrospect but rife with the same human flaws. Tamam.


America and the World would be better off had we never went to war with Germany. I guarantee this war in Iraq wouldn't of happened as there surly would be no neoconservitives to start it. The so called "Good war" was good for Communists and International Jewry and that's about it.

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