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February 28, 2007


Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Poulos, I read with interest your ideas on talking with Iran. I can't say that I agreed at the time but I did find much merit with your arguments.

We recently spent an evening with some longtimers in the State Department. These friends had previously told me that the most alarming thing to have occured in the last few years was the 18 page letter of Amadinejad (sp?) to Bush. According to our friends, we (the U.S.) do not really know what goes on in Iran and our allies who are there, like the Swiss --if I am recalling correctly-- don't know either. They also made an excellent point in that, that while we were enemies with the Soviet Union, we had a good idea, because of common understanding and cultures, of what the Soviet Union's response would be to whatever tactical move we made. --I hope you can bear with me on this as foreign policy is not a strong point nor is writing--- However Iran is totally different. We do not know how they would react, at all.

On this most recent visit with our friends, I learned of a long-held State Department policy (ie; pre-Bush years) that if a State Department employee calls Iran, they lose their job.

It was the slow realization of how little we know of what is really going on in Iran, that as much as I despise the idea of talking to Amadinejad (sp?) and his mad mullahs, that engaging them in some form of talks is really is the grown-up and responsible thing to do. Amadinejad (sp?) is somewhat of a political superstar who hopped on the world scene without warning. He's also a freak as well as a new political reality. We need to change our tactics to the new political reality to gain a better idea of what is going on in Iran. We can no longer ignore Iran. Then we must plan accordingly to the new realites and, more importantly, act upon them.

So, that was a long bravo for seeing this reality much earlier that the majority of the conservatives...

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