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December 08, 2006


John Tabin

I'm afraid you've misread my ideological thermometer. I consider myself a libertarian, and one who ever-more-increasingly must resort to modifiers-- hawkish libertarian, neo-libertarian, right-libertarian, etc.

James G. Poulos

So sorry old bean. I should have guessed - Julian's the one using the word "silly." (As is any Clown Prince's prerogative.) - AuH2O would be proud. A libertarian you shall forever be then.


Is that an insufficiently virile word? The liberals may have begun sapping my precious bodily fluids already.

Andrew Cusack

It's an awful challenge to be a virile conservative without "losing one's morals," and awfully hard to be virile while remaining truly conservative.

Is this true? I doubt it. I find it exceptionally easy, but then that might be because I don't see any reason to entertain other options. But then perhaps others might not consider me sufficiently 'virile'.

James G. Poulos

OK so: monikers - 2 for, 1 against, 1 not voting. "Virile" - 2 against, 1 on the fence. I'm gratified, in a way, that you've zeroed in on word choice. If there's anything silly about the argument it's the word "virile." But "promiscuous" is too heavy with religio-ideological overtones, "sexed-up" sounds too British, and anyway it doesn't quite work for women, who are half the equation. Also "virile" is not meant as a cognate for "manly" - as Mr. Cusack is making plain. Nor is "manly" an antonym for "man who says 'silly.'" But if there's anything liberaltarian it would certainly be an open exchange market for bodily fluids. Under full competition, delight would be seen as the price of such "precious" commodities was, well, sapped...

Mrs. Peperium

I'm very glad I was never a Dupont Circle graduate student.

"Is this true? I doubt it. I find it exceptionally easy, but then that might be because I don't see any reason to entertain other options. But then perhaps others might not consider me sufficiently 'virile'."

Mr. Cusack, to use virile in its old wonderful sense and not the Dupont Circle perjoration, I do consider you to be sufficiently virile.

"I submit the percentage of rehab-goers without disasterously baroque sex lives is zero. I further submit that millions of man-hours are spent in therapists' offices trying to figure out how to feel good about both the sex one has and doesn't have."

Mr. Poulos, what percentage would you submit that the rehab-goers, therapists and their patients are also birth control addicts?

To determine if one has an addiction, just ask them if they would be willing to live their entire adult lives without it. Now, if one does not use birth control, think of all the good choices in one's action that little decision determines.... Just imagine, Dupont Circle graduate schools could actually teach young ladies and men how to have an active and healthy sex without birth control and loads of children....


This "Dupont Cir. libertar(d)ian" has no aversion to "sportsman's rights" and proudly sported his NRA logo tee shirt, until hit on, on the patio and Fox & Hound, in a rather "direct" manner by a gent who confessed to be associated with the Indie Gay Forum - right in front of his less-than-significant (it seems) "other". This made me feel "uncomfortable."

So, I took refuge in only sporting my NRA logo belt buckle, but that seems to draw too much attn. to my nether regions, and oh-so ribald ribald remarks about "rifle shafts."

Forget Andrea Dworkin, I'm the real victim in this story. -JVLaB


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But libertarians still basically side with conservatives who are willing to develop public standards of shame.


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