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December 21, 2006



Everybody does NOT win with final status. Serbs in a country governed by KLA terrorist Agim Ceku win? How is that possible? What about all of the corruption and mafia activity in Kosovo? Europe wins with a mafia run cesspool as a country?


Geography was obviously not your favorite subject in school. Serbia is geographically closer to Russia than UK or France. And you think China will accept Western assurances about Taiwan? Obviously World History was not your favorite subject either. Russia 2006 is different from Russia 1999, thanks to oil prices and the US being stymied in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Letters to the Editor
The Weekly Standard
Saturday, 23 December 2006


James G Poulos urges independence for Kosovo otherwise the West will have defaulted on every
promise made to the Kosovars (“Kosovo’s Back”, 21 December). Put more bluntly, the prize of a
Serbenfrei Kosovo was an inevitable consequence of Madeleine Albright’s pre-Rambouillet
bestowal of a blank cheque to the KLA.

Well before becoming the air arm of the KLA, NATO turned a blind eye to KLA training camps
in Albania when “Partnership in Peace” exercises were conducted with the Albanian Army.
“Partnership for an Impending War” more aptly describes those exercises.

When NATO went to war without UN authorisation it was not to halt the ethnic cleansing of
Kosovo’s Albanians but to impose the Rambouillet diktat on the Belgrade. There was no ethnic
cleansing prior to the bombing. It was, in fact, the bombing that both escalated what had been a
little, albeit nasty, insurrectionary war and triggered the exodus of a substantial portion of the
province’s population, with Albanians fleeing into Albania and Macedonia and Serbs into
supposedly safe inner Serbia. So much for NATO preventing genocide.

After Belgrade had been bombed into submission, the KLA expelled most of Kosovo’s
non-Albanian communities under the noses of occupying NATO troops. This was accompanied
by a concerted, still continuing campaign to erase the province’s Serbian heritage. Countless
churches and monasteries, many mediaeval, have been destroyed. The few remaining Serb
enclaves are under constant threat.

The KLA and its Macedonian offshoots proceeded to use NATO-occupied Kosovo as a base to
mount war against neighbouring Macedonia and southernmost Serbia proper. Far from rushing to
confront the KLA insurrectionists as was its legal obligation, NATO’s response was one of
appeasement. Skopje and Belgrade were duly pressured to make concessions.

Poulos fails to mention that the West then demanded that civilised standards of behaviour be
achieved by the Kosovars before there was discussion of the province’s status. The Kosovars,
having won outright, were expected to accept the return of the many expelled Serbs, Roma and
other non-Albanians and to stop harassing those Serbs who stayed behind. The subsequent
decision to ditch ‘standards before status’ rewards ethnic cleansing.

So much for Gen Wesley Clark’s postmodern comment during Nato’s bombing of Serbia that
“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and
we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multiethnic

Yugo Kovach
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