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July 12, 2008


Robert C. Cheeks

Three cheers for the African bishops!

If "you people" hadn't wrecked the concept of authority, during the Reformation, we might have a little concensus here.

Never-the-less if one chooses to adhere to the teachings of the Jewish carpenter then, I suppose,we probably shouldn't support the idea of electing to high office, those that engage in buggery anymore than we might want to elect the promiscuous adulterer!

I have no doubt that in the not-to-distant future we will witness boatloads of African missionaries landing on our shores with the avowed purpose of re-Chritianizing the West. I look forward to their visit.


Alas, I had not read this update before I commented on the other post. Good to see that you acknowledge the 39 Articles. However, I think you give them less credit and importance than they deserve as the defining principles of Anglicanism.

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