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April 13, 2008



Thanks for speaking to this.

Yes, I suppose it depends upon whether your religious convictions are, to begin with, a highly individual expression of faith or whether they are defined by a set tradition held in common with others. Still, it seems to me that a society of great internal mobility will not generate any culture in the true sense, i.e. customs and habits of living which follow upon shared first principles. Why? Because the first principles of a society are passed on to succeeding generations through education of the young, and I suspect this education is an activity only carried out successfully by a stable community. One might argue that the most essential education is received from the family, but in any case a single family rarely achieves such a level of self-sufficiency that it need not participate in a broader community too. In any case, your suggestion about Protestantism is very interesting. Perhaps the only first principle passed on by a mobile society is the spirit of individualism?

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