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December 20, 2007



I am more on Howely's side of this debate. But your essay was the best attempt to address immigration as a compromise that I have read in a Long Time.

The fact that you would compromise for NO MORE illegal immigration with Full amnesty for those already here is something that I would go for.

However, if you wish to stem the tide of illegal immigration you need to address the legal immigration system. I have first hand experience trying to pass through the immigration system the legal way and it is damn near im-fucking-possible. At minimum it cost $5,000 in fees and other associated cost. Then you have other 'economic costs' like waiting 3 months from entry until they can process your working permit, but they also insist that any new immigrate is barred from any recourse to social services.

I don't like the idea of a guest worker program. But it seems to me: either guest worker or truly reform LEGAL Immigration. And thats my real problem with the 'anti-illegal' faction, they want to stop illegals without addressing the cause of their illegality, they have no concept of what it takes to come into the US legally. Bill Gates had to build his new R&D plant in Vancouver because he can't get enough worker visas. Then people like Jeff Secessions vote to cut those visa quotas in half, because.... what??

But nice post. You seem to be a thoughtful writer, head and shoulders above many on your side of the immigration debate. But I would like to ask how would you propose to reform the legal immigration system to accommodate these people to later become citizens.


"politics matters, because it allows us to have relationships together that are uniquely good and not substitutable by economic or emotional or social or sexual or any other kind of relationships."

Could you perhaps expand on what you mean by that? In what way are political relationships "uniquely good" and "not substitutable"?


Yes, Jaye, I'll do this at some point soon, promise.


Thanks. I look forward to it!


Just checking back in-- still interested in reading your thoughts on political relationships.

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