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November 08, 2007


Davey Henreckson

In a strange way, Podhoretz and the old Jewish heretic seem to have infinitely more in common with the Hellenistic modern project than Hebraism.


Well said. Maybe you could try bringing in some biblical/theological material, too.

Scott D

Good use of Strauss and Spinoza to bear on current theo-political position(evasion) of Big Daddy P(odhoretz). However, having questioned the political Zionist "hope and faith" position, your call for Zionism grounded in "real piety in the Jewish faith" makes me wonder.

As Joules seemed to ask, where would that be grounded concretely? Is it possible to identify a "faithful" Zionist position that is not millenialist/ 3rd Temple?

Interestingly, both liberal and Orthodox religious movements debated the adequacy of political Zionism BEFORE WWII: Reform being super-American and some others against forcing the Messianic Era. Today, the quasi-religious Zionist positions of liberal movements (which I've studied a bit) seem more of an accommodation to political realities and opportunities than solid ground in faith.

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