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September 21, 2007


Nikolas Gvosdev

And let me add Central European conservatives I spoke with this past week--and here we aren't talking about reflexively anti-American, anti-defense political figures--are aghast. They question whether such proposals from Giuliani reflect fundamental ignorance about NATO or that he and his advisors really don't put much value on what the alliance is currently doing.

Ed Nashton

Bravo. The use of NATO as some good/democratic governance kewpie doll really does call into question how seriously candidates like Guiliani take the foundation of Article V to NATO. Can you imagine how the alliance would react if Syria decided to strike back at Israel (a new NATO member under the Guiliani plan) for their attack earlier this month? I, like other members of NATO, choose not to test that rather risky scenario.

As I've often asked friends of mine that advocate this type of strategy, where would we be in Afghanistan today had NATO imploded over Article V disagreements.

A League of Nations redux, no thanks.

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