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June 18, 2007


John Tabin

"I'm not saying it doesn't give me a burst of energy that propels me through those mid-afternoon doldrums. I'm just saying that if we're going to be standing in the hot desert sun all day with black masks on, maybe we should have canteens full of water instead."

Christopher Bitner Hayes

(guy on right, just before drinking) "Sweet! I didn't know Kool-Aid came in a can!"

(guy on left) "Are you sure this stuff is Halal?"

(guy in middle) "there was something gritty in the bottom of that - I think I'm going to hurl"

(guy on left) "Serious, is this stuff Halal? I heard Taurine comes from pork intestines or something..."

(guy in middle) "What flavor is that supposed to be? The aftertaste is nasty!"


Look in the background at the thoughtlessly discarded carton and can to see the cause of Palestinian woes - armed litterbugs!

Shawn Macomber

"Thanks be to Allah, those Fatah p[radio edit]s are still drinking Monster."


"Everybody drink on three. Remember, once our Red Bull sponsorship deal comes through, the resources of the Zionist Entity or the Great Satan will pale in comparison."

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